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Who are We?

RWAP Services have been assisting computer users since 1982 when we started learning to program a humble Sinclair ZX81 computer.  With a background in programming, problem solving and an eye for detail we have acquired a reputation for in depth reviews and identifying possible causes of conflict within computer programs - we have been reviewing software and hardware, programming tools and utilities since the early days of home computing in the 1980s.. 

We were early adopters of the internet, setting up the RWAP Software business in 1986, with the launch of an online presence in 1998.  However,, we have not forgotten our roots.  We still support Sinclair and other retro computers providing repairs, replacement parts, second hand hardware, software and books as well as a lot of advice.  We have also created a specialist website to assist entrepreneurs and new businesses (Internet Business Angels). 

Internet Business Angels aims to guide people through the maze of switching from a traditional type business to an internet enabled business, with free advice on how to build a website, promote your business online and create the all important customer confidence in your business and website. We have also looked at the various technologies to allow you to add video content to your website, thus creating that face to face link with your customers.

If you need assistance with maintaining the information on your website, we have also developed our own range of internet based software which is based on robot technology for searching the internet for specific information (similar to that used by search engines) and intelligent checking of links as well as our own intelligent guestbook and visitor counter code which can be used freely on your own website. 

Since 2010, we have focussed our efforts on enhancements, modules and customisation of the Enuuk online auction platform (and the previous version - phpAuction).

We now offer a wide range of custom modules to allow web site owners to enhance the customer experience of using this fast developing auction platform.

We also launched our own independent Enuuk support forums to share ideas, free modifications and generally discuss the development of the platform and any bugs found.


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