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Add A Visitor Counter to your Site

Our visitor counters provide a simple means to monitoring visitor traffic on your web site. You can also specify whether you wish to be emailed if there is no traffic on your site after during a specified number of days - this may indicate that your web-site cannot be accessed or needs to be better publicized. If you set the length of time to notify you if no activity to zero below, no emails will be sent to you.  Finally, you can specify a different background colour and a background picture to be used for your visitor counter.

You will also need to specify a password to be used by the counter administrator - your logon will be the email address specified on this page.

We can also provide a self-maintaining guest-book for inclusion on your site - please ask us for details.

Contact Name:
Confirm Password:
Background Colour:
Use Background Picture?
Full Address of Background Picture (if needed) in format:

Full Address of Web Page where counter is to be shown in format:

Length of time to notify you if no activity: days (set to zero if you do not want this feature).

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