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Many websites incorporate a small counter which adds up the total number of visitors to a given page and these visitor counters are available from a wide variety of sources, mainly free, although they can be subject to spyware which uses cookies to track the movements of visitors to your website through the world wide web in general and then targets advertising at those people.

We thought that we would find a simple way of implementing our own visitor counter in Perl, which would not require cookies and yet would be intelligent.  We would also like to thank Phoebus Dokos for his work in designing the graphics for the counter.

So what is an Intelligent Visitor Counter?

We have implemented a maintenance routine which runs every few days and checks on visitor traffic to all sites which use our counters.  If requested, the maintenance routines will then automatically email the web-site author to notify them if there has been no traffic on a given site for a number of days (configurable by the web-site author) - this may indicate that your web-site cannot be accessed or needs to be better publicized.

Visitor Counters can be added easily to any webpage, with the HTML provided and work even from within the AOL browser which masks the address of the referring page from the Perl script..

The visitor counter has a configurable background colour and or background image and is also password protected.

Click HERE if you are interested in adding one of our visitor counters to your website.

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More detailed ways of keeping Track of your Visitors

Although many people will be happy with simple visitor counters to show how many people are being attracted to their site and to give an indication of how popular a website is, once you start creating a commercial website, it becomes more important to judge which pages are consistently getting visitors and where those visitors have come from and how they navigate your website.

One program which provides this level of visitor feedback and tracking is IndexTools, which we review here.

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