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One of the ways of keeping visitors on your website is to set up a forum for them to leave comments - this is normally done by means of a visitor guestbook.  There are several available from different sources, all of which have their own pros and cons.

We thought that we would find a simple way of implementing our own guestbook in Perl, which would not require cookies and yet would be intelligent.  We would also like to thank Phoebus Dokos for his work in designing the graphics for the guestbook.

So what is an Intelligent Visitor Guestbook?

We have implemented a maintenance routine which runs every few days and checks on all current entries within the guestbook.  If requested, the maintenance routines will then automatically delete any entries within the guestbook which are older than a specified number of days.  The guestbook owner is also able to specify the minimum number of entries which should be left in the guestbook by the maintenance routine.

Our guestbook can be easily added to any website, with the HTML provided and work even from within the AOL browser which masks the address of the referring page from the Perl script..

Options allow email addresses entered into the guestbook to be collated in a separate file, ready for use by the guestbook owner for mailshots and also the ability to opt for filters to remove swear words from guestbook entries.  We invite suggestions on further filters which you would like to see implemented.  Guestbook owners can now log-in and send mailshots to people who have left their email addresses in the guestbook.

Email addresses of people adding to the guestbook can also be hidden, allowing contact only through the website owner, which, for example, could be used for selling second hand items where the website owner wants a commission on any sale.

Click HERE if you are interested in adding one of our intelligent visitor guestbooks to your website.

(Page Last Updated 6/12/03)