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Although many websites have attempted to emulate the success of eBay by setting up their own auction websites, eBay remains the market leader.  However, there still remains a market for niche auction websites which can offer more than just an online carboot sale with categories which are too broad to allow people to browse for what they really want.

Recent changes to the way eBay runs its site have also had a negative impact on sellers - their fees average around 10% of an item's sale price unless you can sell in large enough quantity to remain a powerseller.

All this, has led to even more fragmentation of the market, and driving more people to launch their own auction sites.  Alas, there are many different auction platforms on the market ranging from free "eBay clones" to top of the range all singing-all dancing auction platforms.  There is the possibility that your site could become a highly popular niche site on the internet, attracting plenty of people on a daily basis, and generating you income through the fees charged on items sold through the site.

Having looked at the various options available, and after lengthy consideration, we have teamed up with PHPAuction with their 10+ years experience in developing online auction website software, to offer our own variant of the Enuuk auction platform, complete with many modifications and enhancements which we have developed ourselves.  We will advise on hosting and the best host to use for your business. We recommend PHPWebHosting who are clear market leaders in providing the correct Unix server platform, with all the required modules at a good price, which are required to run Enuuk quickly and efficiently - unfortunately, our previous host, GoDaddy proved much too slow (with pages taking around 10x the time taken on PHPWebHosing).

The RWAP Services Enuuk online auction software has the following features:

General Features
  • Written in PHP, CSS and MySQL, supporting PHP v5.
  • Tested for Security
  • Home Page
  • Featured Auctions on home page and in each category
  • Message Boards Section
  • Webstores
  • Configurable Custom Sections - Help, News, Terms & Conditions, About Us (plus ability to add more pages from the admin control panel)
  • Supports multiple languages - shipped with English, French, Spanish and Portuguese - emails to users are sent in their own preferred language.
  • Supports multiple templates - additional templates available from PHPAuction, or create your own in CSS
  • Supports high volumes of traffic - unlimited users, auctions and categories.
  • Each category can have a Wiki to hold background information on the items which you would expect within that category.
  • Superb Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) using advice from Internet Business Angels to help you attract traffic to your website, including google sitemap.
  • Two types of webstore - one that is free, and another which, for a monthly fee, allows webstore owners to have a discount on the site fees.
  • Integrated Google Base feed for fixed price items
  • Integrated Twitter feed for new auctions
  • Integrated advertising banners
  • Integrate eBay specialised webstore - allows users to check on items within a given category on eBay, and you earn commission if they click through and purchase that product.
  • Support of standard auctions, fixed price auctions (classified auctions), fixed price multiple items (LOTS) and Reverse auctions.
  • Greatly enhanced speed over the original Enuuk auction platform, with enhancements to RSS feeds and category listings in particular.
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails to help reduce time taken to display pages
  • Support for secure site certification (https).
  • Natural search results making it easier for buyers to find what they need.
  • PayPal and Google Checkout both integrated into payment methods.
  • Support for Mobile Auction By Touch
  • Includes full range of RWAP Services Enuuk Auction Modules

User Features
  • Webstore Owners can edit the contents of the Wiki.
  • Sellers can send invoices to purchasers (amending the total postage as required)
  • Sellers and Purchasers can track the status of items which they have sold/purchased - Invoice Requested, Invoice Sent, Item Paid, Item Shipped, Feedback left.
  • Follow auctions through Twitter / RSS feeds
  • Include ISBN number for books
  • Include Product Condition - New / Used / Re-furbished.
  • Seller can set different shipping rates for different regions of the World - you can also set different charges for when someone purchases more than one of the same item.
  • Set maximum duration periods for each auction type
  • Include a Youtube video on your item detail page.
  • Create and edit auctions
  • Create a pending auction which will automatically be listed in the future.
  • Choose favourite auctions, webstores and sellers.
  • Bulk upload of auctions from a text file.
  • Send messages / leave feedback for other users.
  • Users rated according to feedback.

Admin Control Panel Features
  • Amend fees across the website - fees can be set on a fixed fee or percentage basis (or a mixture of the two), for the following optional events: Listing Items, Bold, Buy it Now, Category Featured, Home Page Featured, Webstore setup, featured Webstore, Final Value Fee, Picture Gallery, Youtube video, and sign-up.
  • Set up site preferences and watermark used on images on the site
  • Change meta tags and titles used by Site
  • Upload your own logo
  • Edit auctions and User details
  • Define categories, Wiki entries and ebay keywords used to link the eBay webstore to a category.
  • Send and Manage Invoices or use Pay as you Go Invoicing
  • Control advertising banners.
  • Define user types - Buyer only / Buyer & Seller and also Trust User.

How does this differ from other online auction products?
  • No pushy salesperson trying to sell you add-ons.
  • UK Based, with dedicated support from the UK
  • We use it on our own website - and therefore will continue to develop and test the code as new releases of the Enuuk Auction platform are released.  All enhancements during the first 12 months are included in the original purchase price (unless you want anything specific to your own website).
  • Dedicated Enuuk online auction support forum to discuss ideas, raise bugs and share free modifications.
  • All source codes are included, ensuring that even if RWAP Services ceases to trade, you will be able to continue to develop your website.
  • The software is not rebranded public domain software - it has one distinct programming style, and the sources are not generally available to allow hackers to find security holes.
  • We can actively monitor and run your auction site for you (at a nominal monthly fee).

What is the cost of this online auction solution?

We offer two models to allow you to purchase this online auction software upgrade:

  1. One-off Cost, including installation on your server: £1500 (includes 12 months support and upgrades)
  2. One-off Cost, including installation on your server: £1250 + 1% of all fees charged on the site (includes 12 months support and upgrades)

Please note that you will need to provide proof that you own the unobfuscated version of the Commercial Enuuk Auction Platform already (this is available from phpAuction.