The Enuuk auction platform provides website owners with the ability to set up and create their own auction website. Enuuk has been created over several years, and continues to be developed both by the copyright holders as well as by independent developers, such as ourselves.

Enuuk is a complete re-write building on from lessons learnt from the earlier PHPauction platform, whilst using the latest techniques for website development - providing a high performance object orientated approach, which runs on a Linux server running PHP (v5) and MySQL.

The platform includes support for a range of different listing types, including:

Enuuk also includes various payment facilities for users to pay fees and pay for items, including PayPal, AmazonPay and 2Checkout.

The Enuuk platform is now sold under two different package names - MarketLink and ProLink.

MarketLink is just the base package without access to the source codes and you can expand this by purchasing add-on modules to provide access to RSS feeds, Italian and Turkish languages, MercadoPago (payment solution), several optional theme packs and the ability to allow users to their Facebook details to partially complete the registration page.

ProLink includes the base software, all source code and the extra modules from Enuuk.

RWAP Services provide our own independent range of modules to further enhance the Enuuk platform, improving the speed of execution and reducing server load, as well as implementing various new features which have been requested by our customers over the years.

We also work closely with web designers to create unique websites based around the Enuuk software community.