The current release of the Enuuk Auction Platform is v3.5 (divided into ProLink and MarketLink) and this is a stable auction platform, which is being used across a range of sites.  The code is well laid out and easily modified to add your own improvements and extended features.

We have found the phpAuction support team to be responsive and very helpful and can supplement this with our own services in tracking down and identifying issues with PHP and SQL as well as optimising code to ensure that the Enuuk Auction Platform provides an excellent engine for an auction site.

We have also developed our own custom built modules (also known as modx) and changes, which may be of interest to other users of Enuuk and these are set out below.  The modules can be incorporated in both the commercial and the GPL versions of the Enuuk auction platform (although some features may not be applicable to the GPL version). We are happy to help install them on your server at an extra charge, or provide the full details of all changes required in order to implement them.  These modules appear on the Sell My Retro website so that you can see them in action for yourself and compare them against your own website's performance.

Please note that in order to install any of these updates to the code yourself, you will need an unobfuscated version of the code (ie. it is unprotected), otherwise we can install them for you for an additional fee.

We welcome feedback on our modules and changes, and how they may be further developed in order to continue to increase the facilities and user friendliness of the Enuuk platform.

Finally, we have now linked up with a website designer who is able to provide a bespoke website design service to provide a true professional design for your auction website.

Standard chargeable modules we have produced to date:

We have also produced a range of free modules, which are detailed on the Independent Enuuk Platform Forums.

Bulk Upload of CSV File

A late addition to the Enuuk auction platform has been the ability to upload auction details in bulk.  The Enuuk auction platform currently only supports a plain text file, with the auction fields in a fixed order and separated by either tabs or a double hash (#) sign.

We found this too constrictive and following a request from a trader, decided to launch this new module, which allows you to create a CSV file containing all of the auction details.  This has two benefits:

1) You can export auctions from the eBay Turbo Lister program and upload the exported file direct to a site running the Enuuk auction platform.

2) As the CSV file utilises column headers to differentiate the fields, you can now edit the auctions more comfortably using a spreadsheet program, such as Excel.

We recommend that you use the Enhanced Item Details and the International Shipping Modules with this.

Bulk Upload of CSV file module v1.1 for Enuuk - £40

Set Category Specific Fees

We have now implemented a new module which allows you to set different fees for each category - these can be any of the currently active fees.

You can specify whether the fee is to be inherited (the default) - in which case, the system works its way up the category parent tree until it finds a category with the fee set (or ultimately, the default fee).

A useful module, which allows you to have some categories which are cheaper to list in that others.

Change Default Language module v1.0 for Enuuk - £150

Change Default Language

As supplied, the Enuuk auction platform, allows you to add additional language sets to cover the use of auctions, the website pages and emails, which makes it into a powerful auction platform which can be easily adapted for use in multi-national auctions.

Unfortunately, the default language remains steadfastly as English US which means that is the standard language used by users who do not select another default, and by internet search engines, such as Google.  We encountered an issue with the dates which are displayed, as we are based in the UK - we did not want to create an entire new language folder just for UK English, and so decided the best way would be to amend the default.

Unfortunately, the default is hard coded and so we have identified all of the changes required throughout the code and the SQL database engine.

The module also incorporates the necessary changes to Datepicker to ensure that the correct date is displayed when using the UK date format.

**WARNING this may cause issues on a live site**

Change Default Language module v1.1 for Enuuk - £10

Currency Display

As supplied, the Enuuk auction platform, shows all currencies as the value, followed by three letters indicating the currency type.  However, in many cases, where it is not an unusual currency, users would prefer to see the symbol for the currency.  For example, v2.00 would show 2.50 GBP as the current value of an item.  Most users would prefer to see £2.50.

This currently supports GBP, USD, CAD and Euros, but other currencies can be added easily.

Currency Display module v1.1 for Enuuk - £40

Edit Auction with Bids

Current versions of the Enuuk auction platform, do not allow you to edit an auction when there are already bids.

This module has been devised to allow you to edit auctions, even when there are bids, although your options are restricted.  You can add to the item description, amend pictures, and alter the reserve price (provided it has not been reached).  You can also edit the Buy It Now price if it is still active - in both instances, you cannot reduce them to less than the current price of the item.

All other details can be edited as if there were no bids on the auction, as we feel that this would not impact on a user's decision to bid.

When the auction is amended, all existing bidders are then notified by email that the auction has changed.

Edit Auction with Bids module v1.0 for Enuuk - £50

Enhanced Favourites

v1.6 of the Enuuk auction platform added the ability for users to select favourites which can then be linked to quickly using the link to My Favourites in the top right hand menu.  You can add webstores, users and auction listings as your favourites.

This module changes this in a couple of ways.

1. Popular items are now shown on the index page - we added a small section which calculates the top 5 (maximum) items which people have marked as favourites and shows them on the index page, in order of popularity.

2. When you add an offer to your favourites, if you are viewing the offer at the time, you are now returned to the view offer details screen.  This also similarly works for add user / add store to favourites.

3. When you go to My Favourites, Enuuk lists details of all of the offers which you have marked as favourite plus all of the offers listed within any webstores which you have marked as favourite, plus any auctions listed by users that you have marked as favourite.  This leads to an extensive list of offers - although duplicates are removed, even closed offers are included in the list.

We therefore decided to turn this around completely.

On My Favourites page, you now get three different headings:
- Favourite Offers (ie. just the offers which you have marked as favourite)
- Favourite Webstores (a list of webstores which you have marked as favourite)
- Favourite Users (a list of users which you have marked as favourite).

Nice and simple with a few changes added in 2017 to improve the speed of handling of favourites.

Enhanced Favourites module v1.3 for Enuuk - £35

Enhanced Image Handling

The speed of an auction site is critical and current versions of the Enuuk auction platform can be quite slow when handling images. Although the latest versions of Enuuk include thumbnail generation for the main page, we have made modifications to the code to enhance the handling of images as follows:
  1. Thumbnails are stored of all images - rather than relying on the browser to resize images to the right size.  This enhances the speed of display on the index pages, category pages, search results pages and when viewing an offer. Enuuk stores just the original size and one fixed (188px wide) thumbnail size.
  2. We have also now included the ability to "square off" the thumbnail images, so that landscape and portrait images are both the same height (white space is added above & below / to the sides to make the image square). This can improve the look of your website when users are viewing lists of items.
  3. One thing which is prevalent on the internet, is people using images from other websites without their permission.  We have included the ability to add a user defined text or PNG graphic watermark to all images on your website.
Note: This module also includes code to create the relevant images for existing auctions, so that you do not have to worry about re-creating the auctions.

Enhanced Image Handling module v1.4 for Enuuk - £100

Enhanced Item Details

When listing items for sale on (or any Enuuk auction based site), one of the main features which is missing is the ability to state whether an item is new, used or refurbished.

We also wanted to ensure that if an item is listed within a "Books" category (or sub-category), then details of the ISBN for the book can be added (with validation of the number).

This module adds that ability to the software and is essential if you intend submitting details of your auctions to Google Base.

If you are selling cars on your auction website, you may also want to consider the Vehicle Reports module.

Add Enhanced Item Details module v1.1 for Enuuk - £20

Enhanced Messaging

We have made a few improvements to the handling of messages sent from user to user within the Enuuk Auction platform.

  1. The top of each page now shows the number of unread emails (if any) against My Messages.
  2. When you reply to a message, the original text and subject matter are copied across to the reply.
  3. In My Profile, My messages also indicates the number of unread messages.
  4. When you try sending a new message, you automatically get provided with a list of the users on the site, to ensure you are using the correct user name
  5. When you click on the Contact Seller link on an item's details page, the subject line now automatically includes the name of the item you were looking at.
  6. Site admins can now send a message to ALL USERS.
  7. When you read a message, it is automatically marked as read rather than requiring you to do this manually.

Enhanced Message Handling module v1.4 for Enuuk - £45

Enhanced Payments

This is one feature that is perhaps most crucial to maintaining good relations between buyers and sellers.

It builds upon the features in the Simple Payments module , the Currency Display Module and the International Shipping Module (all of which are included) and includes the following additional features:

There are a whole host of other minor improvements - a full list appears on the Enuuk Platform forums.

Enhanced Payments module v1.01 for Enuuk - £300

Enhanced Search

We have written an improved search function for Enuuk.  The default search is now a more natural search, returning items in an order which is more likely to reflect your search query - try the search function on to see this in action.

On the search page, you can now select whether you wish to search for
a) any of the keywords
b) all of the keywords
c) the exact phrase

The filter for search types is now more sensible, and lists just:

- Fixed Price Items
- Standard Auctions
- Scheduled Auctions
- Penny Auctions (if enabled)
- Reverse Auctions (if enabled)

Fixed price items lets a user search quickly when they want to purchase one item now rather than waiting until an auction finishes to see if they have been the highest bidder.  This therefore returns matching searches in either Fixed Price Auctions, Lot Auctions, or where a standard auction has a Buy It Now price available.

Scheduled Auctions lets users find out what is coming up on the site and mark them as a favourite auction for future reference.

Enhanced Search module v1.2 for Enuuk - £75

Enhanced Webstores

We came across various suggestions to enhance the use of Webstores across the Enuuk Auction Platform.

When you browse categories of auction items in the Enuuk auction platform, it currently lists all items which are listed within webstores and fall within that category at the bottom of the page.  This can lead to a long list of items if you are not careful.

We have changed the whole focus of this:
  1. When viewing a category, instead of a list of items to be found in webstores at the bottom of the category listing page, you now see a list of webstores which have items in that category, with the total number of items.  Click on the webstore to find details of the items on offer.
  2. Webstores are actually linked directly to a category - this enables the webstore to be listed when browsing the category, even if it has no items for sale!
  3. When you click on a webstore link, it automatically lists only the webstore's offers within that category (previously it went back to All Categories)
  4. Previously, if none of the webstores have any items listed within them, then the webstores tab disappears from the auction website.  We found a need to have this always present - particularly as search engines could take users to a section of the website which could not be reached by any other means.
  5. Optionally, you can now earn income from your website through the addition of an eBay webstore which has a definable keyword for each category which is then used to populate the eBay webstore - this allows visitors to your website to check for similar items and compare costs on eBay, and if you are signed up to the eBay Affiliate Network, you can earn commission if they click through to eBay and purchase any items. NOTE that the eBay webstore is owned by the site administrator.
  6. A further option is to allow two types of webstores, such as we offer on - a free webstore, where the webstore owners pay normal fees on the site, or a monthly subscription webstore, where for £5 per month, the webstore owner gets a 50% discount on all fees (these figures can of course be adopted for your own site).
  7. The webstores can have a user definable number of items shown in a pageinated list and the listings also include a picture of the item

Add Enhanced Webstores module v1.1 for Enuuk - £100

Additional eBay Webstore Module - £100

Two Webstore Types (Chargeable and Free) Module - £50

Improved Logon

Various actions on the Enuuk auction site platform, check whether you are logged in before you can perform the action. Once you do log on, you are then re-directed to your user profile.

We have changed this default behaviour, so that you are returned to the page you were originally heading for (such as the place a bid page)

Add Improved Logon module v1.0 for Enuuk - £20

Improved Pending Offers

If you create an auction with a start date in the future, in the current versions of the Enuuk Auction Platform, you can only find them in your profile under Closed Offers.

This module creates a new section in your user profile for Pending Offers, where all auctions with a start date sometime in the future are found.  You can also activate them early if you so wish without having to edit the auction.  This can also be useful for the Enhanced Search Module.

v1.2 also now incorporates enhancements in the admin backend, so that you can view auctions by reference to closed, active, inactive and sold.  It also details the number of active (or sold) items when it is a lot auction.

Add Pending Offers module v1.2 for Enuuk - £20

Improved Speed and Reduced Server Load

By a close examination of the Enuuk code, and profiling the code, we have found numerous ways in which the code can be improved to make massive speed gains and reduce the load on your server (on one site with over 3,000 listings, we reduced the time taken to calculate one page from over 15 seconds to around 1.5 seconds).

This module complements the Enhanced Image Handling Module and both are advised to get the most from an Enuuk based auction website.

The module includes completely re-written classes and can support memcached if you have this available on your server.

Add Improved Speed module v2.04 for Enuuk - £150

International Shipping

In current versions of the Enuuk auction platform, although you can select different shipping methods in the admin backend, the buyer of an item, sees all shipping methods chosen by the seller, even if they are not applicable to goods sent to them (eg. for overseas buyers). Also, although there is a tick box to indicate if you are willing to ship items internationally, there is currently no ability to charge different rates dependent on destination.

We have therefore created this module which allows the admin backend to set up postal regions, and decide which countries appear in each postal region. Different shipping methods can then be created in the admin backend for each postal region - you can also mark some shipping methods (such as collection) as free methods.

When a seller creates a listing for sale, they can select which postal regions they are willing to ship to, and then select which of the shipping methods applicable to that region that they will offer, plus setting shipping rates for each method.

If a free method is chosen, the seller is no longer required to enter a value.

If the seller is listing a Lot Auction, the seller is then asked to enter a further amount to be added for shipping of additional items (ie. if the buyer purchases 2 of the same item).

When viewing an item, the buyer only sees the shipping methods and prices set by the seller, which are applicable to the buyer's country. If the seller has chosen not to ship to that postal region, then the buyer cannot bid (and a warning is displayed).

Having purchased an item, the buyer can then select which shipping method for their region that they wish the seller to use, and the prices are adjusted accordingly, before payment is made.

International Shipping module v2.0 for Enuuk - £150

Maximum Bid Module

This Module improves the way in which a user can increase their maximum bid against an item.

In current versions of the Enuuk auction platform, the user sees no difference to an items listing, even if they are the highest bidder.

The Maximum Bid module implements various changes:

  1. If a user enters a maximum bid which is less than the reserve price, the current price of the item is increased to their maximum bid (under Enuuk, it remains on the minimum bid)
  2. If a user is the highest bidder, this is made clearer on the item details screen, and they are invited to increase the amount of their maximum bid.
  3. The seller can always see how much the reserve price is set at.

Maximum Bid module v1.0 for Enuuk - £50

Sell Item In This Category

We found that sellers tend to browse categories before listing an item in order to check what items are already being offered and also to choose which is the best category to use for their auction listing.

We therefore created this mod, which adds a link to "Sell an Item in this Category" below the breadcrumb trail.  It takes you straight to the sell item form, with the category already chosen.

Sell Item in this Category module v1.1 for Enuuk - £10

Send an Email to Users as an Auction Nears the End

This useful module sends two emails as an auction nears the end time.  You can set the period for each of the two emails to be sent (in hours) in the admin backend.

The emails are:
a) Emails to users watching item - ie. everyone who has added the item to their favourites
b) Emails to users who have bid on the item.

We find that this has helped to encourage users to return to the site and place more bids.

Email on Auction Ending Module v1.0 for Enuuk - £50

SEO Improvements

This includes some minor improvements to the Enuuk auction platform in order to provide Search Engine Optimisation as well as the following new features:

NOTE: Google Base is a new means of searching the internet for items to purchase.  With our automated submission module, you can add this feature to the Enuuk auction platform, ensuring that your new items are listed on the Google Base search engine for the time that they are live auctions.

If you wish auction items to be submitted to Google Base, you will need the Item Details module and also the Simple Payments Module for this to be accepted by Google Base. You will also need to open your own Google Base account and to ensure that your auctions meet with the terms and conditions of Google Base.  The same Google Base feed can also be submitted to Yahoo Site Explorer.

Add SEO Improvements module v1.1 for Enuuk - £100

Set Maximum Auction Duration

The Enuuk platform allows users to set the duration of an auction as a set number of days, hours or minutes.

We have created this module which allows the admin to set a maximum duration for each auction type, and then ensures that the user does not exceed that duration.

This can be especially important if you use the SEO Enhancements Module, as Google Base and similar do not allow you to submit fixed price listings which have a duration in excess of 30 days.

Set Maximum Auction Duration v1.0 for Enuuk - £50

Simple Payments Module

One thing we found confusing with the Enuuk auction platform is that having purchased fixed price items, you have to go to My Profile and Auctions You have Won in order to actually pay for an item.

We have created this module which adds an extra page once you confirm that you wish to purchase a fixed price item (or part of a lot auction), confirming the item you have purchased and providing you with PayPal and Google Checkout buttons to enable you to pay for the item (provided the seller has activated these options).

We have expanded on this module to include many more important features, as part of the Enhanced Payments Module.

Simple Payments module v1.1 for Enuuk - £50

Show Online Users

This module has been devised to help encourage interaction between users.

Show Online Users module v1.0 for Enuuk - £50

Vehicle Reports

When selling vehicles over the internet, the purchasers want as much information as possible about the history and condition of a Vehicle.

This module adds the ability to create a vehicle report for each item listed within selected categories.

The Vehicle Report includes all elements required for a Disclosure Declaration Statement (under Canadian law - MDA 2002), as well as details of the bodywork, internal and external options, odometer reading, engine type, condition of each section of the car and mechanical defects and much more.

Vehicle Reports module v1.0 for Enuuk - £100

Wiki Content for Category

One of the problems with any auction website is in attracting sufficient people to the website to ensure that sellers can find enough people interested in bidding, and conversely, bidders can find enough items to purchase.

We thought the best way of doing this was to incorporate a wiki, which can be displayed for each category listing, so that you can provide more information on the types of auction items which can be found on the website.  This modification to the Enuuk auction platform provides the ability for the administrator to create wiki text for each category from the admin backend - the administrator can then decide whether the Wiki is editable - we decided to restrict editing to webstore owners, as we felt that they would be the best ones to provide the content.

As with all of Enuuk, the wiki can be created in each language supported on your website.

Wiki Content module v1.1 for Enuuk - £100

And finally....

Don't forget that all of these modules can be seen in action on our retro electronics and computing auction site - SellMyRetro.