RWAP Services have been assisting computer users since 1982 when we started learning to program a humble Sinclair ZX81 computer.  With a background in programming, problem solving and an eye for detail we have acquired a reputation for in depth reviews and identifying possible causes of conflict within computer programs - we have been troubleshooting software, hardware, programming tools and utilities since the early days of home computing in the 1980s.

Our business was launched in 1986 and we have continued to innovate and support our customers, having created an online presence in 1998.  Having supported over 10,000 customers, we continue to maintain high customer feedback and use the latest technologies to keep older equipment and retro computers working and out of landfill.

We have many years experience of programming in a range of languages, including our own range of bots for searching the internet for specific information (similar to that used by search engines) and intelligent checking of links as well as our own intelligent guestbook and visitor counter code which can be used freely on your own website.

We work alongside some well known brands to provide support services, innovating methods to allow them to extend the working life of equipment, whilst also implementing the very latest technologies.